Hi dear!

Welcome to my website. I hope you are enjoying my fashion design work and portfolio.

My love for creating outfits started because of my grandmother who worked as a tailor in a local theatre, in my hometown. Since I was a kid she was making outfits for me which were my biggest inspiration and created interest in fashion.

My first fashion designs were based on movies and theatre in which I grew up in as a kid. While my grandmother was working in theatre I saw a lot of creative clothes and how they were made. I spent days and years in a creative environment, around fashion design and acting. I remember my best autumn outfit was when I was leaning in 4th grade. It was inspired by the movie 101 Dalmatians. I loved dogs. I designed a red coat with Dalmatian animal print furry collar, the end of sleeves were also covered with this print. And I had a Dalmatian print beret with a little black bow with red detail. I was the happiest girl when walking to school in the morning, with my outfit.

Since my grandmother is not here anymore, I started to study fashion design at Valmieras Design and Art School. While studying I had amazing teachers, who were helping me improve my fashion mindset and design skills every day. Studying fashion design was an incredible way to say thank you to my Grandmother who helped me find my way into fashion design.

After graduating school I explored creativity in creating outfits. One of the designers that inspired me was Queen Gambit. When I design an outfit, first I imagine the outfit, and how it would feel to wear it.

While I have years of experience in designing clothes it still feels like the beginning and the possibilities are endless. With my designs I honour my Grandmother. The love I feel for her will never die. With each design my love for her blossoms again, remembering what she thought me.

You are very welcome to send me a comment, message for inquiries and collaborations... Thank you for supporting my work.

Velta Buka

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Please feel free to contact me by filling out the form, or by sending me an email at velta.buka13@inbox.lv . I welcome the opportunity to work with fashion influencers, stylists, and other creative professionals or take clothe orders. Thank you for considering my fashion designs, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.